Tools for Businesses

How we can help your business.

Embed our videos in your website for free.

At the bottom of each video page on the WyeValley.TV website you will find a piece of code that will allow you to embed that video into your own website.

This is ideal if for example you have a B&B or a holiday cottage and you want to show prospective guests what the area is like.  Just copy the code into the HTML of your site and the video will appear in your page.  That’s all you need to do.  It’s free, although if you would like to support us and help us to continue making films about the area then we would really appreciate a donation.  You can donate by clicking HERE via Paypal or become a patron via Patreon.

Add your business to our directory for free.

As part of our website we have a business directory that is free to add your business to.  You can do so HERE.

Add an event to our events calendar for free.

If you have an event coming up please add it to our free events calendar.  You can do that HERE.

How you can help us.

Subscribe to our website.

When you subscribe to us we will send you an update whenever we add a new film.  Keeping you up to date when we do something means that you can react should you need to.  You can do that HERE.

Share our videos.

Social media is a great tool to engage and inform current and potential customers. The secret to a successful ongoing campaign is content. Our films are a great way to start a conversation with your page’s followers, so do please share them. It costs you nothing but it gives you something to make a noise about which in turn increases your social media profile.  It’s a win-win. You get something to say and more people see our films.  You can share by clicking one of the social media links under the video.

Make a donation.

If you like what we do, or you feel that you benefit from our promotion of the region, then please consider making a donation to keep us doing what we do.  We are a very cost effective way of getting the word out about the many facets of the River Wye and its surroundings.  Our videos attract your potential customers to the area, and the less time we have to spend chasing our operating budget the more time we can spend creating new films.  You can make a donation HERE.

Sponsor a film.

We want to ensure that our films are available to view for free, but they still cost money to make. We’re not talking Hollywood blockbuster budgets by any means, but there is still a financial outlay to everything we make.  You can sponsor a film and have your company’s name attached to that film.  You will be thanked for your support within the content of the film and your company’s information, along with your logo, will be displayed.  You will also be thanked via our social media.  This is a great way to make sure that we can continue making our films to help promote and celebrate the Wye Valley.  Please contact us HERE to discuss the opportunities available.

A promotional video for your business.

A great way to promote your business is through a bespoke video.  We have years of experience producing videos for corporate clients and can guide you through the process painlessly.  Our fees are very reasonable and our work is of a very high standard.  You can use these videos within your own website, as part of your business directory listing, or on social media. You can contact us HERE to discuss your requirements.

How do we pay for what we do?

From time to time we are asked how we fund the work we do.

Advertising Revenue.

Firstly we make a certain amount of money from the adverts you will find on the website.  Every time someone clicks on a advert we make a little money.  It’s not much but it helps.


Donations are an important source of income that helps keep us going.  You can make a donation HERE.


If your business wants to get its message across then what better way than to sponsor content that people already want to watch.  We will make a video about something interesting or compelling and within that video we say, ‘hey, thanks to so and so for making this video possible’. We will include a bit about your business, your logo, along with a way to find your business; your website address, phone number or location.  Hey presto, you get positive association with our content for your customers. It’s a model that’s growing throughout TV and internet video because it works well and is cost effective.  You might be surprised at how little it can cost to sponsor a film. Why not give us a call and have a chat about the possibilities and the cost.  You can contact us HERE.