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Q. Why should you support us?

A. Our films celebrate an outstandingly beautiful part of the country and by celebrating it we also promote it to potential visitors.  This brings more money into the local economy, supporting the businesses that make the area a joy to visit.

Q.  I thought there were tourist organisations already promoting the area.  Why should we help you to do it too?

A.  Although there are various organisations who cover bits of the River Wye there isn’t a single body that covers it all.  That’s in part because the River Wye flows through two separate countries and several counties, two of which it forms the border of.  As a result it gets ignored.  Our only interest is the River Wye and the towns, villages, businesses, countryside and people who make this such a wonderful place.  By supporting us you allow us to support and promote the whole length of the River Wye.

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