Wye Valley River Festival at Llandogo- A Musical Montage.

A musical Montage of The Wye Valley River Festival at Llandogo

The river festival at Llandogo played host to the Wye Valley River Festival.  Live music, food, drink, and lots of watery fun from the Water Ones, was followed by a torch lit procession and, of course, fireworks.  If you were there, you might spot yourself in this fabulous musical montage.

In this video we-

Captured the antics of The Water Ones –

Richard Headon, Jon Beedell, Mr & Mrs Clark, Rew Lowe, Rosalind Haf-Brooks, June Campbell-Davis, Joana Miranda and Kim Heron.

Filmed the spectacular Fireworks by ‘And Now:’ –

Ben Rigby and Mandy Dike

 Music Performed by-

Tim Hill and his many musicians, who can be found at www.tongues-of-fire.co.uk

The Water Ones are a merry band of men formed by-

The Desperate Men, who can be found at www.desperatemen.com

Mr & Mrs Clark, who can be found at www.mrandmrsclark.co.uk

And Now, who can be found at www.andnow.co.uk

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