F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Can I add your video to my website?

A. Yes you can as long as you embed the video from our Youtube channel and don’t download it and then re-upload to your own website, facebook page or YouTube channel.  We also ask that you include a link back to our website www.wyevalley.tv

Q. Can I download your video for my own use?

A. No.  It costs us time and money to make these films and we recoup some of that money through advertising on our website.  If you download it you are essentially stealing from us.  As a small company if you steal from us we really feel it in our wallets and might not be able to continue making these films. By all means embed or share our videos but please make sure you include a link back to www.wyevalley.tv

Q. Can I suggest a topic for one of your films?

A. Yes you can by visiting our ‘Suggestions’ page HERE.  We are always happy to hear about exciting places or events within the Wye Valley.  If it’s an event you want to share with the world then you can add it to our events page which can be found HERE.   If you represent a business and are looking for a video to promote said business then please visit our Bespoke Videos page.

Q. Can I make films for Wye Valley TV?

A.  Sadly no. While we recognise that there is an abundance of film making skill in the Wye Valley we prefer to produce our own films.  We do this for a number of reasons.  First and foremost this is a business and we need to maintain control over our product, not only from the standpoint of quality but also ownership.  We also need to maintain the feel of our brand so when you watch a Wye Valley TV film you know what you are going to get, a great quality film on a fascinating subject.