Gabby’s Designer Dress Agency

Selling previously enjoyed designer dresses on behalf of their current owner.

We are pleased to accept garments on Tuesday to Friday mornings only, unless by specific prior arrangement.

All garments accepted by us should be in excellent condition and preferably no more than 2 years old.

A selling price is fixed by us, or by arrangement with the client and when sold 50% of the price becomes payable to the customer.

Goods are held by us for 6 weeks. If after 4 weeks they have not sold at the initial price, they will be reduced for a further 2 weeks.

All goods and merchandise not sold or collected at the end of the sale period will be given to charity.

All monies due must be collected within 3 months of the acceptance date.

We are unable to contact customers regarding selling of their articles, however, we welcome enquiries as to their progress.

All items accepted by us are at the customer’s own risk.

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