About Us

WyeValley.TV is an online video magazine about the Wye Valley.

We use skills developed in broadcast TV and corporate video production to create content about things you may find interesting in and around the Wye Valley.

The region is a fascinating area sitting in part on the border between England and Wales.  It has a wealth of history, nature, businesses, people and culture that offer a rich variety for us to make videos about.

If you have a suggestion for a video about a local interest story please make a suggestion via our suggestion page.  We are always keen to hear from you about stories of local interest or businesses that you think would make a good topic for one of our videos.

If you represent a business and would like to take advantage of the many benefits video has to offer you can commission one, or alternatively you can sponsor a video.  Please check out the Advertising page for details.

You can drop in on the site at any time an find out what’s new, or subscribe to the site for free to be kept up to date.

Meet the Team

Ian leaning against treeIan Newton

Has had years of experience as a sound engineer, camera man, editor and colourist.  He also presents, provides voice overs and creates any music needed to give our videos that extra sparkle.



Jos chosen image sans manJo Barker

Has worked with Ian as a camera woman and editor for many years. She has an eye for beautiful imagery and a has a knack for editing videos at the perfect pace.

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